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 ☮Snowball Johnny    

Snowball Johnny (1956)
Bluessinger/guitarist accompanies himself with guitar and harps. Americana to Punk, Folk to Rock and all acoustic. From the town of Rotterdam Netherlands amidst the Rhine-Delta comes a trained classical guitarist who went bezerk on blues as a kid. Lightning Hopkins and Peter Green his Great Heroes, being a real black bluesman his dream.. Plays and writes his own songs since 1973 - First song: "Beatle in a worry, angel in a story".. Today's song: "Beautiful Blonde" - SJ 2012





- September 27th:  Just finished all violin & cello tracks for the next album..

- August 10th: I'm working some more on particular instruments, the partitions are ready for violin and cello, but I play them bad..

- July 24 /2012 Got my Korg D12 working again, yes I am multitracking new songs, New inbetween album "Bluesman" out in 4 months!

- June 14 /2012 Writing surprising new songs from 'Hendrix' clone to square-dance: "Hell Baby" and 'Menuet in G-flat' / Rock 'n Roll in "Too cute to be true" & more...

- The snowamp is actually old winamp 2.76 + mp3pro and FLAC decoders  + cool skin!

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             Snowball Johnny™ sept. 2012